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Complete Collection: Hunter the Reckoning [BUNDLE]

Complete Collection: Hunter the Reckoning [BUNDLE]


 Hunter Book: Avenger
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

An Eye for an Eye

Rise and shine, nightstalkers. The sun is up. We're up. And you're about to be put down for good! Avengers: the bloodthirsty, incensed, outraged and self-righteous among hunters. What makes a normal person go toe to toe with monsters-and win? Insanity? Divine blessing? Driving will? Just ask. Then again, you may not get an answer. Actions speak louder than words. A Tooth for a Tooth

Hunter Book: Avenger is the first in a new Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Avengers' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in the war against the supernatural. Avengers may still be human, but all these new Traits, edges and rules sure even the odds. Yell real loud and swing a big stick.

Note: The Bl...

 Hunter Book: Defender
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

The Best Defense

"We know your kind. You stalk and kill innocent human beings for your own amusement. Not on our watch. This is our turf. You're not welcome." Defenders: stalwart, determined, the last line against the monstrous hordes. What drives a person to make herself a veritable shield in the war against the abominations? Passion? Pride? Penance? There's no time to ask. They're the ones saving your skin. Is a Strong Offense

Hunter Book: Defender is the second in a new Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Defenders' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in the war against the supernatural. Defenders are ever vigilant, but they know when to fight, and all these new weapons and wards help keep the...

 Hunter Book: Hermit
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

Amid the Horrors of the World. . .

Every hunter can attest that there are no certainties on the mission. No one knows who the Messengers are, where monsters come from or why certain people are chosen to be imbued. But now, a new force emerges, a new creed never seen before. Can these strange, distant, isolated people answer the questions on all hunters' lips? Or does their seeming madness only pose more? No One Can Find Peace

Hunter Book: Hermit is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Hermits are one of the two lost hunter creeds, a group of disenfranchised people who shun monsters - and their own imbued brethren. Learn what it takes to drive these hunters into isolation, even when they know the horrible tru...

 Hunter Book: Innocent
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

Let He Without Sin. . .

"Monsters exist. What's so hard to understand? The hard part is helping them. If we don't, we're no better." Innocents: the unabashed, direct and accepting among hunters. The Innocent recognize that monsters were once people; that there's a fine line between human and inhumane, and that even hunters can cross it. Innocents naive? No. Assuming all creatures are evil - that's naive. . . .Cast the First Stone

Hunter Book: Innocents is the third in a new Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Innocents' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in the struggle against the supernatural. Innocents strive for peace. They accept those creatures who are deserving, but are prepared to condem...

 Hunter Book: Judge
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

Justice Is Blind

For your crimes against humanity, I find you guilty! May God have mercy on your soul!" Judges: the self-appointed law among hunters. Judges understand that evil is a choice, not an affliction. The abomination who stalks and kills people can be a monster. . . or one of the imbued. What makes these hunters decide who lives and dies? Arrogance? Prudence? Insight? The answer could tip the scales. Justice Is Served

Hunter Book: Judge is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Judges' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in weighing the crimes of the supernatural. All these new Traits, edges and rules help ensure the punishment fits the crime. Court is always in session.

Note: ...

 Hunter Book: Martyr
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

Every Revolution has its Martyrs

"You monsters can't win. You can strike me down, but another will rise to take my place!" Martyrs: The sacrificial among hunters, but by no means the lambs. Martyrs believe that inspiring the imbued against the supernatural means leading from the front, suffering the teeth and claws of the enemy and perhaps even dying for the cause. What makes these hunters lay down their very lives for humanity? Unremitting guilt? Unrequited love? Unrestrained faith? Just don't let their sacrifice be in vain. They Die for Your Salvation

Hunter Book: Martyr is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Martyrs' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in dedicating their lives to th...

 Hunter Book: Redeemer
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

The Hand of Salvation

I am here to confess your sins. It's never too late to repent your monstrous ways. . . even after an eternity." Redeemers: the self-appointed saviors among hunters. Redeemers believe that any soul, even a monster, can atone for its sins. The price of penance is high, though - as high by the reckoning of these imbued as the depth to which the enemy has fallen. What makes these hunters seek value in the undeserving? Desperation? Despair? Destiny? Are you even worthy of the answer? The Hand of Damnation

Hunter Book: Redeemer is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Redeemers' philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in delivering monsters from evil. All these new Traits, edges an...

 Hunter Book: Visionary
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44
Prophets or Madmen

Monsters might win battles, but we are going to win the war.Visionaries: The thinkers, prophets and leaders of the imbued. Hunters struggle against the supernatural night after night, but to what end? Visionaries live in the now and look to the future, hoping to guide the imbued to a better world maybe one that only they can see. What makes these hunters so certain of their calling? Does it matter if their vision becomes reality?

They Have Seen the Light

Hunter Book: Visionary is part of a Hunter: The Reckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Learn Visionaries philosophies, motives and ultimate goals in searching for the answers to the questions on all hunters lips: Who created us, why were we chosen, can the supern...

 Hunter Book: Wayward
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44
The End Is Nigh

Monsters are everywhere, lurking in the shadows, masqueradingas upstanding citizens or hiding in plain sight. They murder,abuse and oppress humanity. They have to be stopped, at anyprice. A new force emerges among hunters, a new creed neverseen before. These chosen are bent on obliterating the supernatural and anyone who gets in their way. Are these wanton killersthe worlds messiahs or destroyers?

Stand or Fall

Hunter Book: Wayward is part of a Hunter: TheReckoning series dedicated to the creeds, the character types of the imbued. Waywards are one of the two lost hunter creeds, a group of maniacs and psychopaths even by monsters standards. Learn what it takes to drive these hunters over the edge or to make them the most prophetic among the chosen. For a...

 Hunter Survival Guide
 Regular price: $8.99
 Bundle price: $7.26

Dead Things Walk the Earth...

Your neighborhood isn't the only place crawling with zombies, bloodsuckers and ghosts. They're all over the world! Fortunately, so are hunters. We fight monster everywhere. But unless hunters can unite, our weapons, knowledge and tools will be lost with each of us. Together we stand, divided we fall.

They Better Run

The Hunter Survival Guide is the source on stalking monsters and living to tell the tale. This book updates hunters on their fellows' activities worldwide. It spreads the word about the most dangerous game across the globe, and it offers tips on how to fight and defeat the enemy. Not only is the Survival Guide full of story ideas fo...

 Hunter: Apocrypha
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44
The End Is Nigh

Once, hunters were normal people who lived regular lives, just like you and me. That was before. Now that the Messengers have touched them, the imbued recognize the real horrific world ruled by monsters. But who are the Messengers, where did monsters come from and why were these once-blind people chosen to inherit the Earth? The answers lie in the ravings of a madman.

Its Just the Beginning

Hunter: Apocrypha is the veritable bible of the imbued, for Hunter: The Reckoning. Following in the tradition of Vampires Book of Nod, this trade-sized, leatherette-bound book captures the omens and portents of one of hunters most crazed yet prophetic minds, and bears the answers to all hunters haunting questions: Why was I chosen? What must I do to save the world? P...

 Hunter: Fall From Grace
 Regular price: $8.98
 Bundle price: $7.25
The Bigger They Are Ever since hunters first emerged, they have known only a confusing, terrifying world and have been granted only limited tools with which to confront its demons. And yet, those lucky (or cursed) few who have survived have gained deep insights into the truth. Now they emerge as the most powerful and dangerous of the imbued, but are they still human? The Harder They Fall Hunter: Fall from Grace travels the roads hunters may walk to rise from ignorance to a maddening understanding of the supernatural world. Achieving these heights brings with it astonishing gifts, but at what price, and can these extremists ever see eye to eye with "lesser" imbued ever again? The next in the Year of the Damned series for 2002....

 Hunter: First Contact
 Regular price: $8.98
 Bundle price: $7.25

The Hunters Hunted As far as the chosen know, they're the first to see the truth, to know that monsters exist and prey upon humanity. But the imbued aren't the only ones to oppose the creatures of the night. Government agents, crusaders and mystics wage their own wars. How do these people perceive the chosen? Can alliances be forged? Or is war inevitable between all these hunters? And can monsters reap the rewards? The Crusade Begins Hunter: First Contact introduces the imbued to the World of Darkness' existing hunter groups such as the Inquisition, the Arcanum, and to secret government agencies. Finally, humanity's oldest and newest champions meet, but can they see eye to eye, let alone fight side by side?


 Hunter: Holy War
 Regular price: $7.18
 Bundle price: $5.80

What Monsters Lurk Hunters may have been exposed to the truth of the World of Dakness© - that monsters exist - but they actually learn very little about what stalks the night. Every hunter must answer the call in his own way, according to his own values and beliefs. What other choice does he have? But what if a radically different outlook made the hunt a radically different reality? What if you could make the hunt your own? In the Cradle of Civilization? Hunter: Holy War invites you to travel to the Fertile Crescent - the Middle East and Egypt - to discover what beasts lurk even under the desert sun. Whether your hunter travels to this foreign land or is the desert's son, learn how different cultures answer the call - and how their hunt is...

 Hunter: Players Guide
 Regular price: $11.24
 Bundle price: $9.08

Do Not Go Gentle...

Now that your hunter knows the truth about the World of Darkness - that monsters lurk in the shadows, prey upon helpless victims and oppress humanity - he goes well armed into the night. Finally, the predator will know what it means to be prey.

Into That Dark Night

Now, you as a player can go well armed into your Hunter games.

The Hunter Players Guide is an essential resource that offers all kinds of new rules, options, advice and tricks to bring to bear in the struggle against the supernatural. whether your character intends to bring monsters back into the human fold or destroy them with extreme prejudice. It's time to take back the night.


 Hunter: Storytellers Companion
 Regular price: $6.74
 Bundle price: $5.44

The Reckoning Is at Hand

We know you're out there, lurking in the shadows, manipulating people like puppets. You monsters have controlled mankind for centuries, but you have weaknesses. You can be killed. Just remember, we're cattle like all the rest. That is, till we learn your secrets. Then we'll see who's in control.

Note: This product now includes the Storytellers Screen at the back of the PDF -  DTRPG Staff


 Hunter: Storytellers Handbook
 Regular price: $11.24
 Bundle price: $9.08

And they shall know that I am the Lord

Hunters have been exposed to the truth of the World of Darkness that monsters exist, preying upon humanity and they lash out at or reconcile their oppressors. But how does the world and its monsters respond to these dangerous people? Does the supernatural even notice them? Is their crusade in vain? When I shall lay my vengeance upon them

Hunter: The Reckoning is devoted to the stories of individual people who are chosen to witness monsters and come to grips with their existence. But what do monsters think of these upstart mortals? How do you as Storyteller keep hunters ignorant of the whole truth now that theyve had a glimmer of it? How do you scare your players as much as their characters? The Hunter Storytellers Handbook answers...

 Hunter: The Infernal
 Regular price: $8.08
 Bundle price: $6.52
The End is Nigh They say angels once rebelled against God and were cast out of Heaven. Hunters don't know if Scripture gets it right, but they do know one thing: Darkness has fallen and its Hell on Earth. Things that can be called no less than demons walk among us, tempting the righteous, corrupting the innocent and orchestrating the end of the world. Can they be stopped before the Devil gets his due? Repent! Repent! Hunter: The Infernal explores the blasphemous realm of demons as hunters desperately seek out devils' strengths, fears and weaknesses. But the tempters have discovered hunters, too, and are willing to strike a bargain. Can hunters possibly drive the infernal host back into the Pit? If they can't, there will be Hell to pay....

 Hunter: The Moonstruck
 Regular price: $8.08
 Bundle price: $6.52

Beasts That Walk as Men

They lurk in the wild places where people fear to tread. They stalk the cities and prey upon the unsuspecting human masses. Man-beasts, shapechangers, werewolves. The name doesnt matter. Theyre abominations, a part of and a violation of both man and nature. Thats why hunters set out to prove whos the real king of the beasts, once and for all.

Never Cry Wolf

Hunter: The Moonstruck explores the savage realm of shapechangers as hunters perceive it, learning man-beasts strengths, fears and weaknesses. The predators may seek to cull the human herd, but now they discover that the flock has grown teeth of its own. The hunters become the hunted.

U.S. Page Count: 112, Authors: Matt McFarland, Ethan Skemp & Adam Tinworth, Developer: Ken Cliffe


 Hunter: The Nocturnal
 Regular price: $7.49
 Bundle price: $5.80
The Children of the Night... Vampires. Rots. Leeches. The name doesn't matter. All of them are inhuman, undead parasites that feed off the living and keep humanity under their thumb. They may have worked from the shadows before, but hunters see them now. The imbued know, and they won't let the nightcrawlers have their way anymore. It's time that bloodsuckers were shown the light - daylight. Must Be Disciplined Hunter: The Nocturnal explores the undead real of vampires as hunters perceive it, learning leeches' strengths, fears and weaknesses. But rots have discovered hunters, too. When ancient and mysterious vampires meet new and unprecedented hunters, there can only be bloodshed. Mortal or immortal, we all destroy what we don't understand....

 Hunter: The Reckoning
 Regular price: $13.49
 Bundle price: $10.89

Take Back The Night

For centuries, supernatural powers have reigned, warring among themselves, culling the human herds and lashing out from the shadows. The creatures of the night have held court since before the dawn of history.

Nothing lasts forever.

From the throng of humanity, individuals emerge who know the truth. They know monsters exist. Enough is enough. The forces of darkness must pay their due. You are the reckoning!


 Hunter: The Spellbound
 Regular price: $8.08
 Bundle price: $6.52
Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live Wizards. Warlocks. Witches. Myths and legends describe them as powerful magicians, wise sages and humanity's helpful guides. Hunters know better. In the modern world, wizards make the impossible possible, changing the very face of reality on a whim for their own mysterious purposes. What kind of hold do they have over mankind? Hunters intend to find out - and break it. Burn, Baby, Burn Hunter: The Spellbound explores the magical realm of wizards as hunters perceive it, learning warlocks' strengths, fears and weaknesses. But enchancters have discovered hunters, too. Can these occult masters weave their spell and command the will of even the imbued? Not if hunters can help it. Let the witch-hunt begin....

 Hunter: The Walking Dead
 Regular price: $7.18
 Bundle price: $5.80

Behold a Pale Horse. . . Graves yawn wide. Spirits haunt the living. Corpses pursue perverse agendas from beyond the grave. The gates to the next world swing wide. Is it the end of the world? Not if hunters can help it. Theirs is the power to put the dead to rest - once and for all. . . . and His Name That Sat on Him was Death Hunter: The Walking Dead explores and explains the proliferation of ghosts and zombies in the lands of the living. These monsters are hunters' greatest enemies, for they're everywhere and are clearly abominations to everything right and good. And yet, why does hunters' emergence and the rise of spirits seem to coincide? What is the hidden connection between the imbued and restless dead?


 Hunter: Urban Legends
 Regular price: $8.98
 Bundle price: $7.29
It Was on a Night Just Like This... The stalker with a hook for a hand. The old witch in the woods. The giant alligator in the sewers. Horror stories pervade modern culture, springing from myths, folklore, conspiracy theories and urban legends. But what if these stories were true? What if these imaginary monsters were real? What if they stalked the world and preyed upon humanity? What if you could face them? The Nightmare Made Real Urban Legends offers whole new possibilites for Hunter: The Reckoning as the creatures of modern and ancient myths are explored as hunter foes. The limits of the Storyteller System are tested as bizarre creatures from other games and beings never portrayed before in the World of Darkness emerge to perplex, plague and terrify ...

 Hunter: Utopia
 Regular price: $8.98
 Bundle price: $7.25
Living the Dream When hunters are first awakened to the supernatural, all they know is terror, paranoia and chaos. The unseen world is a nightmare. But the imbued have a dream. They imagine a paradise free from monsters' grip, a world of humanity's own. And they set out to achieve it, even if it means sacrificing everything they - and mankind - hold dear. Free at Last Hunter: Utopia explores ways in which hunters might strive to break monsters' hold over humanity, whether in a neighborhood, a city or across the world. But can such a Utopia be achieved? Can the monsters be defeated or is it just a pipe dream? You decide....

 Inherit the Earth
 Regular price: $0.75
 Bundle price: $0.60
Taking Back the Night Unknown to most humans, the world is largely ruled and directed by supernatural forces they do not even suspect.  Werewolves once herded humans as humans now domesticate animals.  Vampires still refer to humans as their herd, and there are mages who, though mortal themselves, consider most others to be "mundane" for their lack of insight and power.  But now a force has come to Earth and imbued a select few humans with not just knowledge of the evil that threatens them, but also with the power to do something about it.  These Imbued, have become hunters, those rare mortals who seek to take back the night from the age old menaces.   This collection of nine stories concerns many of the most famous among the ranks of the hunters, such as...

 Laws of the Reckoning
 Regular price: $7.49
 Bundle price: $6.05

Ignorance Is Bliss

Most people go through life on a daily, endless round of chores and tasks - paying bills, going to school, working a job, raising a family. Many live their lives in ignorance of the danger that passes them on the street or lives in the mansion on the hill, walking through a bright blindness all their lives. Some, however have their blindfolds ripped off, and the truth laid in front of them: monsters walk the world. Mundane concerns are swept away - there is no choice but to act.

The Duty That Cannot Be Ignored

Laws of the reckoning contains all the material that players and Storytellers need for creating, playing and Storytelling those mortals who have become imbued. From creating preludes, to the hunter classes, to Abi...

 World of Darkness: Time of Judgment
 Regular price: $13.49
 Bundle price: $10.89

Time of Judgement is the final book for the World of Darkness as you know it, and helps you resolve the stories of five different games: Demon, Hunter, Changeling, Mummy and Kindred of the East.

This is the mother of all finales, offering you various scenarios and Storytelling ideas for ending or saving your game world. Are we all doomed, or is there hope for a new beginning?


Total value: $296.72 Special bundle price: $179.69 Savings of: $117.03 (39%)
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