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T4 Annililik Run
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T4 Annililik Run

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Sign on with Captain BlackJack Tanner on his new starship, the Annililik! Its maiden voyage, however, is more dangerous than originally advertised, jumping through pirate infested systems, one step ahead of the bankers who financed its construction. tanner is the adventurer's adventurer, pushing ship and crew to the limits for wealth and glory!

Annililik Run is a three-part adventure for any Milieu 0 traveller campaign.

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September 14th, 2009
Seedy ports, dodgy employers, malfunctioning ships, semi-sane robots and dangerous cargo provide more than enough in this series of encounters to make players paranoid about ever again leaving their nice safe planet. These free-trading scenarios call [...]
October 3rd, 2005
This is actually a collection of three different adventures. The first one is fantastic and throws all kinds of different characters and situations at the PCs as they dock at different ports unloading "Children's Clay". The NPCs are very fleshed out. [...]