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MT Arrival Vengance
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MT Arrival Vengance

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"Tell Norris I'm sorry"

This is Emperor Strephon's last message, given to the crew of ISS Arrival Vengeance to take back with them to the Domain of Deneb. Strephons was the last stop on Arrival Vengeance's three-year mission to save a civilization. It is 1126

Join the crew of Arrival Vengeance, be a custodian of the future of the Domain of Deneb-Perhaps that of the entire Imperium. The mission is ambitious, but surely it must succeed. The Imperium can't really be dead, can it? Can the dream really be over?

As a member of the hand-picked crew, you will negotiate with Aslan nobles, witnes slave trade in the depths of Massilia, meet with the Hand of Varian, and have a show-down wih Lucan's forces. You will also meet Duke Craig, Duchess Margaret, and learn the truth about Strephon. Tough times deman tough people. Accept the challenge of Arrival Vengeance.

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September 17th, 2010
Brief treatment of what ought to be almost an epic voyage, with some areas I wanted to see (the Great Rift and Dark Nebula) not described at all, but the encounters that do have entries are very nicely done. [...]