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MT Assignment: Vigilante
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MT Assignment: Vigilante

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Fight the Good Fight

In the Wake of the rebellion, chaos rules over the once proud Imperium. Bands of corsairs stalk the spaceways, crippling the trade that had linked over 11,000 worlds. Without some force to permit the safe passage of trade, interstellar society cannot help but collpase.
Even in these dark times, people can still be found to shoulder the burdens of civilization. Among these are the crew of the starship Vigilante. A fighter-carrying mercenary ship, it's dedicated crew of starmercs specializes in the eradication of pirate forces wherever they may be found.
Live the excitement of life aboard the Vigilante, battling pirates around the threatened worlds of the Diaspora Sector, infiltrating the ranks of deadly raiders, or fighting to the death inside a massive gas giant.

Assignment: Vigilante

Two tense scenarios pull the players into the strugle for the spacelanes of Promise Subsector. First, a search-and-retrieval job turns deadly, then the future of a small world requires an inside job to thwart an elaborate pirate plot.

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