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Escape From Danger Dungeon! (The Rainbow Palace Anthology, v.3)

Escape From Danger Dungeon! (The Rainbow Palace Anthology, v.3)

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Premium 6" x 6" Tile Card(s)

Escape From Danger Dungeon, a co-operative board game based on the Tunnels and Trolls system. Can your band overcome the foes and traps which block its way? Can your band discover an exit before being buried alive? Can your band avoid squabbling over the loot? For only 25 USD (plus shipping), you can find out!


- Eight large, double-sided rule and character tiles
- 42 large, double-sided combat and event dungeon tiles
- 18 large, double-sided item tiles

This board game is based on the Tunnels and Trolls rule system. If you aren't familiar with this rule system, I suggest you download my free beginner pack to familiarise yourself with it (/product/234925/TT-Starter-Pack).

Interview with Mark Thornton:

  1. How long does it take to play? It depends how quickly you die really. If you survive, you're probably looking at 30 minutes a player once you're familiar with the tiles. It's never going to be that fast though as the players have so many dice to roll.
  2. Does it get repetitive? No, I don't think so. Each pre-made character has a unique starting item which helps differentiate their play-style, and many of the item-tiles do this too. There's a suit of armour that lets the wearer only pass through walls, for example, and another item which lets you transport items around the dungeon. The dungeon's also going to be different every time you play, and a lot of the dungeon tiles interact differently with different races and classes.
  3. How many players do you need? Between two and four. You can also control all of the adventurers yourself, which is how I play tested the game, and there's variant rules in the game that let you play with up to eight players in two opposing teams.
  4. Do you need a GM? Nope! I did create an expansion where a GM plays as the lich, but I decided the game was better without it. If you really wanted to include a GM, you could get him to award Adventure Points for good roleplaying or control a few wandering monsters.
  5. Can you apply house rules? This is T&T, isn't it? Of course! In fact, I list several house rules you may want to play around with in the rules. The game would particularly benefit from house rules that spice up combat as there's a lot of that.
  6. Can you do stunts to win combat? You can add them to the game (and I recommend that you do), but I haven't listed them. I have included a few items which give the adventurers spite abilities, however. There's also one-use consumable items, many of which give an edge in battle.
  7. Is there combat? There's 42 different combats! Each dungeon tile has a combat on it, and then flips to an event once the combat is won. There's quite a big variety of them too - it's not all about MR. There's a combat against a creature immune to melee attacks on odd-numbered combat rounds and magic and ranged attacks on even-numbered combat rounds, there's one against an acrid ooze which destroys items, one against a foe who can only be damaged by spite damage, another against a siren which reduces your adds if you fail a charisma check...
  8. How many dice do you need? About 10 if you take turns rolling, but more's always better.
  9. Can you use magic? Yes, and most of the pre-made characters can cast magic.
  10. What edition of the rules do you use? dT&T.
  11. Is there any role-playing? Only what you bring to the table... it's not rewarded or anything. This is really more of a board game than a role playing game.
  12. Can you develop characters? Characters can spend Adventure Points on attributes and items. You can also continue playing other adventures with the characters who escape the dungeon. There's probably even some way of replaying the game with the same characters, although you'd have to make it more difficult...
  13. Do you have to make up new characters? You can make up characters, as long as they're level one or two, but you don't have to.
  14. Are there any pre-gen characters supplied? There's eight pre-gen characters, four at level one and four at level two. They're designed for the game, so they each have an item specific to the game - slippery slippers that let the character move as far as he wants in a straight line, for instance.
  15. What level do you need to be? Level one or two, and a weak level two character at that. I tried playing the game with stronger characters, but the checks and combats become too easy. Those adds add up quickly!
  16. Can you add your own monsters or challenges? I haven't thought about it, but you could do. You could write up a new monster or event on a post it note and stick it over a tile's text, for instance.
  17. How much space do you need? A lot. You may need to play it on the floor. The tiles are 6" x 6".
  18. What is the setting? The adventurers have been wandering around a dungeon for days, and have become lost. They're trying to find the exit before they collapse from fatigue. I've reflected this by making each action an adventurer does cost five Adventure Points: it's a race against time to get out.
  19. Could you make your own setting? You could. You could play a normal game of T&T over several sessions, for instance, then include this dungeon as a one-off session within the larger game. It does look like a dungeon or cave, however, so that can't be changed.
  20. Will there be a sequel? Depends how much interest there is! At the moment I'm just planning to play test the game, adjust it, and improve the quality of the illustrations. I'll probably also expand it a bit by creating more dungeon and item tiles. The shipping isn't cheap, even in the US, so I think I need to make the game larger first. A sequel would lie far in the future - at least a year away.


- Adjusted border art to tile size, and colourised all item borders.
- Added colourised dungeon borders (Courtesy of John Stephens, AKA gaptooth.)
- Fixed Blackbite Crawler text.
- Clarified Euclid’s Stone text.
- Removed wizardry requirement from Zaek’s Talisman as it's a consumable item.
- Changed Lightning Hand Wraps text.
- Clarified rules.
- Added a clarifications section to the rules.
- Changed Abstruse Blueprints text.
- Changed Snarling Shoots check to level one.
- Gave Helena good boots instead of leather armour.
- For the sake of pregenerated characters being able to use Siri’s Tome, made clear that those characters know all level one spells.
- Took away the difficulty setting, along with some character actions.
- Clarified consequences of critical fumbles.
- Clarified that spells with timed durations don't last into following rounds.
- Clarified that consumables don't take an action to use.
- Clarified that positive events don't take an action to make use of.
- Changed 'Potion of Speed' so that it gives one extra action as consumables no longer take an action to use.
- Improved Gondwar's attributes.
- Changed cave-in check to level three, and removed all the bad effects for failing (changed 'Billy Gruff Boots' as well).
- Explained new death mechanic. Dead characters go last, and at the moment ignore dungeon tiles.
- Included 'blind exploring'. Blind exploring draws from the bottom of the deck.
- Created a full-length Youtube video of me and friends playing the game, as well as a short tutorial video and card reveal video.
- Clarified that spells and ranged attacks have a one tile range, and take an action to cast. Only characters on the combat tile can draw the item.
- Changed Schilm's Altar's text.
- Increased the six bosses' MR by almost 50% each.


- Illustrated all of the individual dungeon borders.
- Added two level two pre-generated characters and six new dungeon tiles.
- Significantly changed the rules. Players now use APs to take actions and win by finding the exit, which is guarded by the strongest monster in the game.
- Added scenarios.
- Gave pre-generated characters one unique starting item each.
- Replaced Pool of Poison and Snake Venom events with secret tunnels.
- Added light sources and light source interactions.
- Made some creatures have double MR against specific classes and races.
- Added more rule clarifications.
- Changed item and dungeon tiles due to new rules.


- Change the font (need to find a font that will work).
- Replace bad illustrations with better ones.
- Colourise the tiles.
- Need to redraw the the Acidic Ooze tile so that the tunnels are narrower.
- Redraw the dungeon tiles with blocked passages so that they are clearer.
- I could draw the event side of the dungeon tiles, although it would be a very big job.
- Continue playtesting the game as best I can.
- Create a separate free print-and-play version of the game when I release version three. Tell people on trollhalla, and ask if they can give me feedback or write a review about it.
- Add more 'pass a check' items?
- Add more 'gain steaks' items?
- Add three items.
- Add more items that require large amounts of saved APs to use.
- Dungeon tiles should not call on identical or similar attributes on both sides.
- Change the classes and races monsters have double MR against so that they are strong against classes and races naturally strong against them.

If you have any suggestions for how this board game can be updated or fixed, let me know. My email is 

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