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Bitter Road
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Bitter Road


White Wolf

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The Road to Ascension Is Long

A mage faces many perils on the path of enlightenment. The Technocracy, Nephandi, creatures from outside our universe, and the missteps of hubris and Paradox all wait to crush an upstart mage. Even the personal choice of magic is endangered. In these perilous days, mere disciples are the last bastion of the Traditions. Ascension awaits the wise and valiant, but is there magic enough left in the world?

And the Journey Is Bitter

The end of the Ascension War sees the exile of the Traditions Masters and the destruction of the ways of magic held dear for ages. Now, only disciples the experienced yet imperfect practitioners of magic remain to shepherd the Masses and apprentices. Examine their war as they lead remaining mages and cast the fate of the Traditions in The Year of Revelations. Become the future of Mage: The Ascension.

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