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Book of Chantries
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Book of Chantries


White Wolf

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Darkness Lives in Lands Beyond...

...the corridors of Doissetep or the steaming jungles of Moreauvia, where mages ply their trade. In custom-built Horizon Realms, these wizards build Chantries, strongholds of their might and monuments to their vanity.

Bearers of the Light Beware!

Intrigue and betrayal, madness and hubris, greet visitors to these hidden lands. The Path to Ascencsion takes many forms, and the temptation to stray from one's chosen Path is strong. A mage is never truly safe, even within the walls of her own Chantry.

The Book of Chantries is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension, detailing the mages' places of power.

This supplement includes:

Ten complete strongholds; Tradition Chantries, Technocracy Constucts and Nephandi Labyrinths, including over 40 NPCs.

A ready-to-run scenario starring Samuel Haight, the werewolf skinner.

Complete rules for creating your own Chantry.

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