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Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
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Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent


White Wolf

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Walking Secrets...

Once, I met a Chinese woman with hobbled feet and ancient eyes. Once, I fought a knight whose armor shone like burnished light. In the streets of Cairo, sharp-toothed men gnaw sinners' bones; in Haitian midnights, the Loa dance.

Not all magi go to war, my young friend. Many dwell in the Titans' shade, the shadows of shadows. These so-called "Orphans" have families, Son, and their ways may be more ancient than our own

Don't piss 'em off.

- Hapsburg, Orphan Seer

...Ageless Ways...

Those who see only the four sides of the Ascension Conflict ignore the "Crafts," Magickal societies that forsake Traditions and Technocracy for the Paths of their ancestors. Templars, voodoo priests, alchemists and modern Amazons are just a few of the nine groups detailed herein. What tales might they tell?

...Precious Truths.

The Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent presents eight magickal societies from the borders of the Ascension War, and includes:

  • Histories, beliefs, organizations and magicks for each Craft.
  • Templates, rotes and companion consors.
  • Intrigues and mysteries most Traditions never see.

Note: The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

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