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Buried Secrets
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Buried Secrets


White Wolf

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There Are Secrets Not Meant for the Living... The secrets of the Angelics and Demonics. The ways in which the Arcanoi of the dead affect vampires and their ilk. Records of potent and mysterious Artifacts. All sorts of good stuff like that. But We're Nice So We'll Share Them Anyway So break the rules of the dead. Take a peek inside. From the brand-new fiction to the Harrowings suggestions to the sneak peek inside a Masquer Deathmark parlor, you'll find things that are equally unexpected and useful between these covers. Got your shovel ready? Start digging! What You'll Find Inside: Sample Harrowings and storytelling suggestions on creating your own. A full-length introductory chronicle and setting for the Little Five Points section of Atlanta. Additional information on human antagonists, the Far Shores, Artifacts and much, much more.

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