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The Traveller universe moves to the rhythms of the massive Imperium. The milieus build upon its history, the origins of different incarnations of the empire, and its many encounters with the surrounding alien communities of stars dominated by the other major races-the Aslan, Hivers, Kkree, Vargr, plus the Vilani's brothers in humaniti, the Solomani and Zhodani. These races dominate the landscape of local stars, expanding and contracting with the regular tempo of their interstellar unions.

But within these vast expanses of space are thousands of worlds that have also spawned intelligent life. These "minor races," dubbed so because their technologies have never achieved interstellar travel independently, are as evolved and varied as the major ones. The homeworlds of these races are sprinkled throughout the region of the Imperium, sometimes a part of it, sometimes independent, other times still absorbed into the community of a major alien race. Regardless, any member travelling among the stars does so as a guest of a superior technology.

Less than 10% of the Imperial population is non-Vilani. Of these only 10% come from the minor races. Still, their numbers can be staggering, considering the trillions that live under the Imperial starburst. Locally, they can dominate a region, and more often than not still dominate their homeworlds. In their niches, the minor races' influence can be very strong.

  • See how the Asyms get their name.
  • Discover the true history of the once-dangerous Controlled.
  • Read about the unusual dwellings of the "spidertaurs".
  • Find out how you can create an intelligent-tree character, a Hresh.
  • Just how many forms do the bizarre Nunclees have?
  • Meet the fascinating Providers, a race that can "invent" new life forms.
  • It's a bird! It's a dragon! No, it's a Trakii!
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January 3rd, 2008
Great collection of species. Each entry gets a few pages which are dense with physical description, psychology, social data, and adventure seeds. [...]