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Hunter: Mortal Remains $16.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Alexander P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2015 20:05:51

Hunter: the Vigil is one of my favorite nWoD lines, and after the stellar quality of Night Stalkers, Slasher, and Witch Finders, I had high hopes for this book.

Which is why Mortal Remains is such a letdown.

While previous monster books presented a canon-agnostic approach to their chosen monsters (i.e. vampires didn't have to be the Kindred of Vampire: the Masquerade), Mortal Remains' tackles Prometheans, Changelings, Sin-Eaters, Mummies, and Demons as strictly what those supernaturals are in the context of their own lines. It's a disappointment after how great prior books were in this regard, as this material is practically reprinted (individual Promethean lineages are discussed, for example, rather than covering a grab-bag of reanimated and artificial humans) from the parent games.

Where the book shines is in the actual game material. Guidelines for building any monster you could imagine are included (along with a host of new Dread Powers), along with four new organizations (two Compacts, two Conspiracies; one of each for Mummies and Demons) and a rough rules update for H:tV in the nWoD Second Edition.

The organizations really shine, and are the highlight of the book for me - Middle Eastern cult deprogrammers, a tech startup that wants to build a utopia with occult technology, a fanatical brotherhood of those who eat the flesh of monsters to gain their power, and a gang of truckers, bounty hunters, and roadies, all empowered by angelic tattoos. It's a fun bunch that really encapsulates the best of the original thinking that makes the rest of the Hunter line so great; the only shame is that we didn't get similar groups for the other monster types in the book.

Buy it if you're a die-hard Hunter fan like me, but don't get your hopes up. Take it as a toolkit of stuff you can use elsewhere and you'll come away satisfied.

[3 of 5 Stars!]