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Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim $14.99 $11.24
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Matthew T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2015 05:17:40

I'm giving this a five star review, because I think it's a more essential supplement to the Firefly RPG than the previous Things Don't Go Smooth. The main reason for this is the addition of a reputation mechanic that looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. I worried when I read about four "factions" that the 'Verse was going to be divided into "Goodies and Baddies" but I' pleased to see that the factions are shorthand for four loose sets of beliefs, and indeed, the game forbids mention of said factions within the game's fiction, explaining they are tool for operating the GMC side of the Reputation mechanic only.

That said, the book also offers some more archetypes, and extra Distinctions, that riff off the idea of the four factions. All good grist to the mill, and I noted with interest an archetype (with new distinctions) that would have been a great help to one of my players who, when we started, was trying to create a Blue Sun scientist type.

A good part of the book also expands the mapped 'Verse, adding lots of detail to the Kaldisa and Blue Sun sub-systems. I like the approach taken here, not just limiting every idea to the western motif's found in those all-to-few original episodes, but pushing the boundaries and adding colour in a way that leaves plenty of space for each grouso's own take on the 'Verse. There of lots a episode seed ideas in this section.

But there are also two fully written up episodes, one by Margaret Weis and one by industry veteran Greg Stoltz. The Weis one is weaker (in my opinion) - it relies too much on players running the original crew, and doesn't offer much help in adapting it to my player's characters. So for example in hinges of the players doing a mission to save Jayne's Mom. There is NOTHING in my crew's 'verse that their characters (or indeed the players) would love as much as Jayne loves his Mom.

Stolze offers us a meatier scenario in his episode and one that involves two actual game-world Factions, which works to emphasise the difference between such a group in the diagesis and the faction mechanic in the rules. This one of course offers ways to get the Serenity crew involved in the action, but also pages more help about using player generated crews.

All in all, and excellent addition to the game. If you can afford only one, buy this in preference to Things Don't Go Smooth. (Of course, Things Don't Go Smooth is lively too, if you can afford both).

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Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim
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