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Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim $39.99 $14.99
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Jeff P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2015 19:24:27

If you've never played the 'Firefly' RPG before, you need to start by picking up a copy of the rules, which are available in two different products. I'll briefly describe each of those below. After you've acquired the rules, though, the "Smuggler's Guide to the Rim" is probably the next book in the product line that you should pick up. I'll explain why below.

First, a word about the 'Firefly' rules. These are available in two different books: the game's core rulebook and the "Echoes of War" supplement. "Echoes of War" contains most of the basic rules mechanics found in the core rulebook, plus four complete adventures in which players are assumed to play characters from the TV show or one of several "character archetypes" presented (although the adventures can be run with the players' own characters, if desired). The core rules, on the other hand, add a detailed system for character and ship creation, information on the planetary systems of the 'Firefly' setting, GM advice for running longer campaigns, and a number of additional rules that you'll want to have if you love this setting and system as much as I do.

As I mentioned earlier, once you have a copy of the rules in one of these two books, the "Smuggler's Guide to the Rim" is probably the next item you should pick up. Here's why. This supplement presents the only major rules expansion to the 'Firefly' RPG, in the form of rules for character reputation-- and these rules greatly expand upon the 'feel' of the television series which this game already captures so well. In the 'Firefly' RPG, reputation allows your character to have some standing with certain segments of 'verse society, from the underworld to corporations, or from Browncoat rebels to senior members of the Alliance Parliament. Even better, these rules allow your character to have poor standing with many of these same groups. Essentially, the reputation rules in this book expand the characters' roles beyond their own crew and the small list of contacts that they may have on the ground; these rules give them a defined place in the 'verse, making them a part of it.

The second section of this book-- the "Shepherd's Run"-- details a nav route favored by smugglers and criminals, including detailed settings and NPC's for eight world along that run. This section is incredibly useful for players and storytellers alike, giving players a place to hang their hats and storytellers a number of setting for future adventures. Since the system information in this book utilizes the new reputation rules, it's also easy for all parties to know where they might expect a warm welcome from the locals-- and where they should plan for a hasty exit, just in case.

Finally, the "Smuggler's Guide to the Rim" continues the product line's amazing run of solid published adventures. Two ready-to-run adventures complete the material that it contains.

The "Smuggler's Guide" is a must-have for 'Firefly' gamers. If you're a roleplaying enthusiast who enjoys the game, this title is something you really ought to add to your game library.

[5 of 5 Stars!]