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Trail of Cthulhu: The Big Hoodoo $5.95
Publisher: Pelgrane Press
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/28/2011 21:07:08

Buy this book. Ok, let me get my obvious bias out of the way. I was lucky enough to have the author, Bill White, run this scenario for me at PAX East. However, I will say that even before that the premise of this scenario is AMAZING. The investigators play historic figures of some note: Robert Heinlein, Ginny Heinlein, Phillip K. Dick, and Tony Boucher. You investigate the suspicious death of Jack Parsons who died in an explosion in his garage in the 1950s.

Yes, this is Lovecraftian historical fiction. No, you don't have to know anything about these figures or the true history to have a fantastic time playing this game. The story is deep, rich, and engaging. It feels like a something pulled from Hollywood newspapers and then spirals into your usual Cthulhoid craziness. In addition to all the hooks, story line, and hints for running a multi-session vs. one-shot game, you get all the pregens with suggestions on how to play them (or not) and how they know all the other characters.

This is a great scenario to run for folks that aren't Trail of Cthulhu veterans because they can really grab onto the sci-fi personalities that almost any nerd will know. It also doesn't dive too deeply into the Mythos too early, so the players really get to act like real people faced with these situations. Of course, part way through, something clicks and you're acting like a swashbuckling hero of yore. Or maybe that was just me. The Keeper has all the tools to run this smoothly and creatively. So you are all set. Buy this book and run the game. You won't regret it.

[5 of 5 Stars!]