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Into the Void $6.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/18/2011 22:23:27

I'm actually quite surprised that this topic for a module hasn't appeared earlier. However, even in the oWoD metaplot, most of the Princes were deposed by NPCs or external forces bent on shaking the world up (and possibly selling a few new sourcebooks). The point of interest for this SAS is in the centre stage position of the PCs to the action (and even the act of killing the Prince, if so desired). It quite intelligently deconstructs the role of the Prince as a stabilising force in any city; so despite any misgivings a character might have about a tyrannical Prince, this should give them an appreciation for what the role actually does in ensuring a relative peace. The featured McGuffin is tantalising enough to get even the most jaded character involved in the plot, the NPCs suitably well-detailed with solid purposes and motivations and the locations are generic enough to be dumped into any setting with minimal work. The main selling point lies in scalability, however. If you want to run this as a minor disruption occurring behind the veil of the Masquerade (with the odd breach or three) then it is possible. However, if you want full-blown news coverage of vampires in the streets, hordes of Inquisitors arriving to 'restore order', National Guard on the streets and opportunistic home-grown terrorists as plot points, then the tools are here two. Chances are, you'll want something in between, but everything is here for you to tailor the game to your groups' tastes.

Clearly one of the better SAS products I've read, and a welcome addition to the collection of any Vampire (Masquerade or Requiem) Storyteller.

[4 of 5 Stars!]