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Three Sorcerous Arts (5E) $2.95 $2.00
Publisher: Tribality Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2017 09:01:15

The man walked in the inn. He was plain, at least at a first glance. But as soon as people saw him better, there was something special about him. Noone could tell, but there was this...quality. Two hours later, the man stepped out of the inn. People followed, they followed their king.

"You'd better not upset her", said Draph to Kenrick. "You know how she is when she's upset and the moon is not full, yet". Kenrick snorted as a reply. "Yo Kessa, be a good girl and fetch me the bladder, will ya?" A spray of water right on the chest and a close meeting with the back wall was all the response he got.

It was said that the Ice Mages came from the wastes en masse. The legends say of these mages that shaped ice as they willed and they stopped their foes on their tracks just by looking at them. Up to this day the Ice Mages were but a myth. Up to this day though, no one had seen a cadre of Elite Guards frozen in place, or huge ice bridges melting under the summer sun.

The latest Tribality Publishing title is about additional Sorcerous Arts, i.e. three new subclasses for the Sorcerer Class of 5e D&D plus some nifty magical items.

The image of the LARPer (I guess) on the cover is a nice change. The rest of the layout is typical Tribality Doric. I like it a lot as a PDF, but to be honest, a printer-friendly version would be also good, as the big black header on each page makes printing painful.

On the most important stuff, the Royal Sorcerer is a bit weak thematically if you ask me. I guess you could base it in some old lineage of Mage Kings or even in a long-extinct lineage of a superior race that used to rule the land. Or, alternatively, make a thematic change and base the blood bond to a completely differnet source, something charismatic of course (Angels maybe?). In any case, it is Paladin meets Sorcerer and it plays out nicely with the high Charisma value any Sorcerer should have.

The Tidal Sorcerer has that wacky Tides of Fortune feature and I like that a lot. I guess I'll have many debates with my players as to what can pass as a "large body of water" but I believe common sense (aka DM's ruling) will prevail. Finally, it might be a bit of a burden to keep track of which of the Call the Tides feature the player has used, but it's not a game braker in any case. Rightfully, one can trace some resemblance in the theme with the Sea Sorcerer published by WotC, but this has taken a completely different angle, playing nicely with the theme of tides and the shifting of the sea.

Winter Kin Sorcerer is absolutely great. In some instances (Iike the Icy Path) it reminded me of Ice-Man from X-Men. The powers have a nice mix of offense and control, so generally this is nicely balanced.

I loved the Magic Items. Nice ideas through and through and most of them go way beyond the subclasses of the first part of the document.

So, all in all, it is a good adition to any table. I'd change the Royal Sorcerer a bit, but the rest can be a direct fit to my game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]