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Compacts and Conspiracies (Complete) $8.99 $6.74
Publisher: White Wolf
by David H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/12/2010 15:12:43

Disclaimer: I've done a bit of freelance writing for White Wolf, including some work with both the writer and developer in question. Take that as you may.

Compacts and Conspiracies is 84 pages of pure content. It's packed to the brim with ideas, toys, hooks and weird mechanical tweaks. It's more than worth $6.99.

What's it got inside?

The twelve Compacts and Conspiracies from the Hunter corebook are treated and expanded heavily. There's a couple of new takes on each, including treatments of their histories and mythologies. These things are particularly pointed, quick reads. The factions from the core book each get longer treatment, including a supercool secret each. Did you know one of the Ashwood Abbey got pregnant with a vampire? Truefact. Then, each gets a toy or two or three. For Compacts, this comes in the form of a new Merit, a sort of non-Endowment Endowment. For example, The Union get a network of neighborhood people they can call on for minor advantages. Conspiracies get more Endowment toys, like the head of Jayne Mansfield (I am not joking. Her head is a Merit. Your character can purchase it. No: Your character MUST purchase it.) Lastly, each group gets something else. That something varies, but it comes in the form of some mechanical element. With few exceptions, they're all suitable for different games with different characters. In fact, I think I'll be appropriating some of them to my Vampire game soon. It includes things like using red tape to hide your tracks. That sort of fun stuff.

Like Block By Bloody Block, the previous PDF-exclusive Hunter offering, Compacts and Conspiracies offers a lot of fun tools to make your Hunter (or any other World of Darkness game for that matter,) kick more butt. Get it. Love it. There's not a wasted page. That's rare in gaming supplements.

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Compacts and Conspiracies (Complete)
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