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Blackwood: Tourist Season
by Jeffrey G.
Publisher: Mythic Gazetteer, LLC
Date Added: 11/16/2017 10:10:58
Blackwood: Tourist Season Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Tourist Season! With some implied nods to Sweeny Todd this one-sheet is both creative and could be as quick or as long as the GM and Players like. It combines social and physical conflict and a flair for investigation. It would be a good introduction to the setting, and possibly Savage Worlds 4 Stars rated as a paid product (could have a better image or two there), 5 stars as a free product.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark (5e)
by Thomas H.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 11/16/2017 09:37:20
DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark (5e) This was a lot of fun for myself and the table. I really liked the encouragment from the author to make the interaction in the Fane to make things more dramatic.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
FrontierSpace Referee's Handbook
by Jeff C.
Publisher: DwD Studios
Date Added: 11/16/2017 09:30:53
FrontierSpace Referee's Handbook FrontierSpace Referee’s Handbook Wow! This book made two very strong first impressions on me. The first is the speed at which it came out. I never expected to see the Referee’s manual so fast on the heels of the FS Player’s Handbook. It’s rare to see such good production quality and well-timed execution from a game company. The second very good impression this game made on me was, at first glance, I was almost looking for a boxed set with the Player’s book, some maps, player handouts, cardboard counters, a poster, some plain dice, and a crayon to “ink” the dice. Then I realized the sheer volume of this book. While I wax nostalgic for the good old days of boxed sets which are now all but obsolete because of prohibitive costs, this really did remind me of diving into one for the first time. As gamemaster books go, this one is by far one of the most well put together, professional, and useful I have seen in the last twenty years of being a player, gm and writer. I love everything...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The S'rulyan Vault II
by Thilo G. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Kort'thalis Publishing
Date Added: 11/16/2017 08:58:31
The S'rulyan Vault II An review This review was moved up in my reviewing queue as a non-prioritized review at the request of one my patreons. So, the first thing you need to know would be that this product is a map, a massive map, to be more precise. Drafted by the talented Glynn Seal as well as Monstark and Fizzbig, this map comes in two iterations: One would be the classic blue and white – and yes, if you zoom in, you can see the squares. Zoom in? Yeah, this thing is humongous. As in: You can make that a super-sized-poster-monstrosity. The map comes in 300 dpi, so yeah – you *can* actually make that happen without everything looking bad. For the tablet-users: The blue/white classic version clocks in at about 30 mbs. Now, here I may be prejudiced, but for me, the true star would be the second version of the map – just as big, the same dungeon, but infinitely more atmospheric. Why? Because it sports a used parchment look with copious amounts of blood spatters – considering the ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
One page Dungeon : Khem's Order
by Erik T.
Publisher: Kosmic
Date Added: 11/16/2017 08:02:02
One page Dungeon : Khem's Order Overall not a bad little adventure, especially for being only one page. The adventure itself is rules neutral so it will play well with virtually any fantasy RPG. The maps are well done and intricate enough to grab the attention. My only complaint and unfortunately it is a big one is the fact that the english version could have done with a better translation. It's serviceable, but it's going to require some interpretation and rewriting from me in order to make it easy to use in game.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e)
by Nicole H.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 11/16/2017 06:48:32
DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e) I’m new to DM’s guild and this module really shows me all the great content I’ve been missing out on. First off I like the variety of ways this story can be transitioned into. Either with the first piece of the trilogy or with many story hooks to get your players to this point. I also am really happy with the overall danger level of the module. It has enough danger and risk to keep players invested, on their toes, and on the pursuit of the next piece of the puzzle. But it is not so tough as to ward off players afraid to fully dive into Chult’s deadly jungles. The story also presents a lot of whimsy and enjoyable cultural experiences as the party explores this strange new land and its peoples. It’s good clean fun, which I enjoy most of all in my campaigns (both as a player and as DM). I may very well have to seat Chult into the world of my home game so that my players can take a trip into unique world, Tomb of Annihilation or not. 5 stars! ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Blackwood Errantry Codex
by Joseph S.
Publisher: Mythic Gazetteer, LLC
Date Added: 11/16/2017 03:36:22
The Blackwood Errantry Codex I'm a sucker kung-fu and folk tales. The artwork is great, the layout is pretty awesome, and the setting absolutely beautiful. The wuxia styles are badass and make for some really cool combat encounters, hell it makes non-combat encounters way more interesting! I've run dozens of adventures already and my players are loving it, they've become followers of the Way, hehe. I highly reccomend checking this game out, you can thank me later.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Abandoned Dwarven Hold Great Hall
by Andrew C.
Publisher: Heroic Maps
Date Added: 11/16/2017 01:09:58
Heroic Maps - Modular Kit: Abandoned Dwarven Hold Great Hall While the Great Hall for this Modular Kit LOOKS great, printing it myself is just horrible. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in how this prints off at the 28mm size. Lets go over a few things shal we? **Printing Instructions ** Default paper size for pdf is A4. For 28mm scale print at 100% For 25mm (1") scale print at 91% WHY A4 size? Do you realize that the A4 size for paper is NOT the standard 81/2 x 11 Inches? A4 is 8.3 x 11.7 inches. Unless your job is as a **PROFESSIONAL PRINTER**, WHO BUYS THE A4 SIZE? Standard paper size for any normal individual, INCLUDING most GM/DMs I'd imagine is the 81/2 x 11 inch paper. So...I would rather use card stock right? Who wouldn't. This is a nice looking modular tile set and printing on paper would be a waste. At least card stock can give me some rigidity when I lay down the "tiles" on the table for my players to use. So...we're not using standard 8/5 x 11 inch paper...cuz yeah..A4 SIZE?!? So the only other size of paper I have...

[1 of 5 Stars!]
Blade and Lockpick. A game engine for solo and two player games
by Dillard R.
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
Date Added: 11/16/2017 00:44:10
Blade and Lockpick. A game engine for solo and two player games Bottom line up front (BLUF): 6 USD is entirely too high a price for what you get. The group mechanics for overcoming challenges is interesting and looks like it could be really effective for narrative style gaming. This is a very lite set of rules. The author frequently points out that it can be used with other systems. Use the oracle with your favorite system to use those rules while running solo or use the mechanics in place of the rules of your aforementioned favorite setting. In other words this is just a quick set of rules to run your favorite game/setting using other mechanics and... There are some quick tables for jumping into a randomly generated setting. FATE does that better. The oracle could be easily replaced by Mythic or any other solo system out there (the oracle is very basic). The only really original (at least to me) bit is the dice pool system for overcoming challenges. The book lacks art. It has few (and basic) examples. There are no pre-generated PCs or settings...

[3 of 5 Stars!]
DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e)
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 11/15/2017 23:14:50
DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park (5e) **A Walk in the Park** is great for giving players a taste of the dangers in **Tomb of Annhilation**. It's good to see that within a short adventure, players recieve enough description to get the flavor of three different areas of Chult. I like how the narrative fits in with the rest of the *Jungle has Fangs* trilogy. **A Day at the Races** gives a fun begining with dino races and just a tinge of mystery towards the end. **A Walk in the Park** furthers the mystery and also gives a clear indication that Chult is dangerous. **Whispers in the Dark** expands on a character introduced in **A Walk in the Park**, completes the mystery, and gives a climatic battle. I appreciate having a little narrative element that gives some continuity to each adventure and furthers the goal post of the overall story. Overall **A Walk in the Park**: A good mix of fun and deadly jungle adventuring....

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Arms of the Chosen
by Nicholas M.
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Added: 11/15/2017 22:26:06
Arms of the Chosen Absolutely love this. The rules for artifacts are a huge improvement over the Core Rulebook. Artifact armor, which I found a little lackluster in the main book, is actually quite thematic and useful now. And the weapons (Stormcaller) are terrifyingly powerful. Most exciting are the new rules for Warstriders. IMO they are everything that they should be; expensive, powerful, awe-inspiring, but not game-breaking. It also provides some rules for siege weapons, which is nice. Overall a great addition to 3E. ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Shattered Moon
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Broken Tower
Date Added: 11/15/2017 17:52:28
Shattered Moon So lets start off with this, in Shattered Moon creating a character creates a sense of investment. It's a detailed process requiring a bit more thought than just the average slap a character together and lets roll. I applaud this, one shoudl be invested from the beginning otherwise, what is the point of role-playing? I like the idea of an ever widening spiral adjusted by the tarot of fate. In a way it reminds me of Everway. there is definitely some ebb and flow in those cards as they are not balanced, this isn't a criticism by the way it's an observation. It's something I appreciate even as I grimace when I draw the "Child" giving me 4 FP to work with as a past life ... drawing cards and I highly encourage this as opposed to picking really makes you think about the character, who and what you want to be, it may not be what you originally envisioned. If I have any criticism it is this, I'd honestly like to see this built more like another product from Broken Tower VANGUARD in so far...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
by Customer Name Withheld
Date Added: 11/15/2017 17:49:05
INDEX CARD RPG Deck of 52 They are high quality playing cards loaded with inspiring art work. I have been using them to play simple games with my 4 year old to sharpen his basic number and math skills, and the wide varity of illustrations keep him interested in playing cards far longer then he would be with a normal set of 52.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
by Charles M.
Publisher: Blackfall Press, LLC
Date Added: 11/15/2017 13:37:39
Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics Played this at Acadecon then picked up the Softcover and PDF direct from the publisher. I rate the book at five stars: It is well laid out. No wasted space. Nice Art. It is presented in black wiite which may be a drawback to some people, but I like it. It's what I look for in a game book. I rate the PDF at three stars. It has a number of flaws. It is kind of heavy at 80MB. I _can_ page through it easily on my phone, but on my old Kindle Fire, it's kind-of clunky. More importantly, however, is that there are no bookmarks or hyperlinks. It _really_ needs those. I consider the Shadow of the Demon Lord PDF to be the gold standard in PDFs. It has bookmarks, is fully hyperlinked, and comes in 32MB. Compared against SODL, the CSW PDF appears particularly lacking. I rate the system at five stars. The other reviewers give great detailed descriptions of it. I'll just add that if you're looking for street level gritty supers, this system delivers. Overall, I give t...

[4 of 5 Stars!]
The Storms of Yizhao: An Adventure for Godbound
by Dominik W.
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
Date Added: 11/15/2017 13:08:52
The Storms of Yizhao: An Adventure for Godbound This adventure has a great story, is true to its sandbox origins and helps the GM to run an interisting and exciting adventure for their players.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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