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Top 100 Products
01.CAH:S3 -- The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos

CAH:S3 -- The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos
by Spectrum Games

In this massive Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 series book, the forces of good find themselves in a constant struggle against Nekrottus and his Blackskull Empire, who have already conquered most of Iconia! The book celebrates the 15th anniversary of this fictitious cartoon series/toy line, offering details about all six seasons. While this is a supplement for Cartoon...   [click here for more]
02.Shadowrun: Forbidden Arcana (Advanced Magic Rulebook)

Shadowrun: Forbidden Arcana (Advanced Magic Rulebook)
by Catalyst Game Labs

Ride the Crashing Wave Magic is wild. Magic is undisciplined. You can try to impose order and understanding on it, but that’s just surface. Underneath is chaos, an erratic heart beating to a staggering rhythm. You don’t control it, any more than a surfer controls twenty-meter-tall wave; you don’t direct the wave, you ride it, capture a piece of its power, and hope to survive. If...   [click here for more]
03.Fantasy Grounds: D&D Volo's Guide to Monsters

Fantasy Grounds: D&D Volo's Guide to Monsters
by SmiteWorks

D&D Volo's Guide to Monsters for Fantasy Grounds Research has never been so dangerous... Explore the breadth of D&D's monsters in this immersive 224-page volume filled with beautiful illustrations and in-depth lore. Volo's Guide to Monsters provides something exciting for players and Dungeon Masters everywhere! The esteemed loremaster Volothamp Geddarm is back and he's written a fantastical...   [click here for more]
04.Space: 1889 - Mercury (Sourcebook)

Space: 1889 - Mercury (Sourcebook)
by Clockwork Publishing

Once, no man on Earth thought that life on Mercury was possible since the planet is locked with one side perpetually facing the Sun. Scorching heat on one side and eternal darkness on the other seemed to guarantee that Mercury must be uninhabitable. But when the inhabitants of Earth first started to voyage through the Ether, some daring explorers also turned towards Mercury—and discovered how...   [click here for more]
05.Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes
by Chaosium

Sartar - HeroQuest in the Kingdom of Heroes... The year is 1618 S.T. The Flame of Sartar has been extinguished. For generations, our wise kings and powerful magicians fought against the armies and demons of the Lunar Empire and kept us free. Now, the people suffer under the tyranny of the Red Moon. In every hill fort, village, and tribe, there are prophesies of a new liberator who shall...   [click here for more]
06.Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

Pavis: Gateway to Adventure
by Chaosium

Pavis: Your Gateway to Adventure! What’s in this book? Pavis: Gateway to Adventure contains 416 pages of pure Gloranthan gold, including: Full write-ups for locations including New Pavis, Pavis County, Sun Dome County, Prax, the Ruins of Feroda, and the Pavis Temple. 66 detailed random encounters and 20 special encounters for Prax, the River...   [click here for more]
07.Exalted 3rd Edition

Exalted 3rd Edition
by Onyx Path Publishing

This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. This is the tale of a decadent empire raised up on the bones of the fallen Golden Age, whose splendor it faintly echoed but could not match. This is a tale of primal frontiers, of the restless dead, of jeweled cities ruled openly by spirits in defiance of Heaven’s law. This...   [click here for more]
08.Vehicle Handbook

Vehicle Handbook
by Mongoose

Universes of science fiction are filled with vehicles ranging from the mundane to the exotic. A starport on a world far beyond the frontier may see a mix of pedal-powered rickshaws, horse-drawn wagons and anti-grav skimmers. A high-tech centralised and industrial world will have skies filled with the anti-grav equivalent of cars, trucks and buses, while its military will be able to deploy armoured...   [click here for more]
09.Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Keeper's Rulebook

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Keeper's Rulebook
by Chaosium

Horror Roleplaying in the Worlds of H. P. Lovecraft The Old Ones ruled the earth aeons before the rise of man. Traces of their cyclopean cities can still be found on remote islands, buried amid the shifting desert sands, and in the frozen wastes of the polar extremes. Originally they came to this world from the stars. They sleep now, some deep within the earth or beneath the sea. When the stars...   [click here for more]
10.Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke

Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke
by Vigilance Press

Pirates and Triads and Leopards, Ahoy! Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade brought Kung Fu to the Fate Core System... now Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke brings Pirates and Thieves to the world of Tianxia! Tianxia is about to go South Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke expands the world of Tianxia,...   [click here for more]
11.Sartar Companion

Sartar Companion
by Chaosium

The Sartar Companion Your HeroQuest Adventures in the Kingdom of Heroes continue! What's in this book? The Sartar Companion contains 294 pages of pure Gloranthan gold, including: Full write-ups for locations like Apple Lane, Jonstown, the Jonstown Library, the Starfire Ridges, Clearwine Fort, Tarndisi's Grove, Runegate, the Creek-Stream River, the Dragonewt Wilds, Old Wind Temple,...   [click here for more]
12.Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages

Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages
by Onyx Path Publishing

It’s 1242. The Mongol army crushed Baghdad, then Russia under its heel, then moved on to devastate Poland and Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire stood to war with the Papacy. The second Lombard League wielded the word of the Pope and fought off Frederick II. The War of Princes rages. Patricide looms. Young powers look up the ladder to the next rungs, and see stagnation and hypocrisy. They see targets....   [click here for more]
13.Shadowrun: Cutting Aces (Deep Shadows Sourcebook)

Shadowrun: Cutting Aces (Deep Shadows Sourcebook)
by Catalyst Game Labs

Hit Your Marks The hotel bartender who slips you a guest’s room number because he thinks it will help him get lucky. The security guard who lets a team into a top-secret facility because he thinks he’s pitching in on covert-ops training. The business suit who drops ten thousand nuyen on a project because he thinks it’ll earn him fifty thousand. Marks, all of them, and the Sixth...   [click here for more]
14.Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of Earth-Prime

Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of Earth-Prime
by Green Ronin

Note: This book was originally released as a series PDFs which are still available online. This is the final PDF of the print compilation of that PDF series. Visit a world not our own, but strangely familiar—a world of heroes and villains, of wonders and dangers, and limitless adventure! The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a trip around the world of the Freedom City and Emerald...   [click here for more]
15.Shadowrun: Book of the Lost (A Shadowrun Campaign Book)

Shadowrun: Book of the Lost (A Shadowrun Campaign Book)
by Catalyst Game Labs

No Longer Hidden The Bastard, upright. A man in clown makeup stands in a broken skyraker window over another man on the verge of a long plummet. Near the clown’s hand, a white rose. Opportunity, adventure, but also mania and frenzy. 404, upright. A woman crouches on the edge of a rooftop, holding a white rose. In the distance is the image of a woman in a red dress. Destruction, failure, collapse....   [click here for more]
16.Call of Cthulhu Investigator Handbook 7th Edition

Call of Cthulhu Investigator Handbook 7th Edition
by Chaosium

A CORE GAME BOOK FOR PLAYERS “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” —H.P. Lovecraft Will you stand against the horrors of the night? Whether learned professor, nosy journalist, or hard-hitting detective, investigators need all the help they can get. Let this book be your guide....   [click here for more]
17.The One Ring - Adventurer's Companion

The One Ring - Adventurer's Companion
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

At the heart of every great story are great characters. The Adventurer’s Companion for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is a guide and reference for players, designed to help them make those truly evocative characters. The Adventurer’s Companion is packed with advice to make your player-hero truly feel a part of Middle-earth, along with...   [click here for more]
18.Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG - Overseer's Guide

Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG - Overseer's Guide
by Glutton Creeper Games

The Exodus Overseer's Guide is the Game Master's Guide for running the Exodus Post-Apocalyptic RPG game. The rules within are designed to alter the Apocalyptic experience into a hoard of different Apocalyptic scenarios as well as teach how to be the Overseer. Many rules from the d20/Modern OGL document have been updated to fit into an apocalyptic setting along with new or expanded...   [click here for more]
19.Pulp Cthulhu (7th edition Call of Cthulhu)

Pulp Cthulhu (7th edition Call of Cthulhu)
by Chaosium

Calling All Heroes! It’s Time To Take The Fight to Cthulhu! Pulp Cthulhu is a game of two-fisted adventure, weird science, dark deeds, and brave heroes. With this book, some roleplaying dice, and the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook, you have everything you need to adventure and explore games set in the pulp genre. Tired of your investigators dying in quick succession when...   [click here for more]
20.Earthdawn Third Edition Player's Companion

Earthdawn Third Edition Player's Companion

THE AGE OF LEGEND Before science, before history, an era of magic existed in our world's dim past. Magic flowed freely, touching every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Namegiver races. It was an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and mythical stories. It was the Age of Legend. Now, bold heroes from across Barsaive band together to fight for life and freedom against the remaining...   [click here for more]
21.Dark Ages: Fae

Dark Ages: Fae
by White Wolf

Oaths of Gold and Iron You promised us, when we gave you the world to go to war, that you would remember your vows. You promised to leave our sacred places intact, to leave sacrifices for us, to remember us in your songs. You promised that when the War of Seasons ended, you would stand aside for us, the true rulers of the world. You lied. The Truce Falls with the Blackened Sun Dark...   [click here for more]
22.Crimson Sea - Virtual Boxed Set©

Crimson Sea - Virtual Boxed Set©
by 0one Games

Welcome to the Crimson Sea a whole sea region you can easily plug in your ongoing sea campaign. One of the most infamous sea sections of the world, the Crimson Sea, owes perhaps its name to the vast amount of blood spilled in its water. This relatively small sea features many dangers such as pirate islands, a maelstrom, a mysterious island, kraken caves, a sunken city, smugglers'...   [click here for more]
23.Beast: The Primordial

Beast: The Primordial
by Onyx Path Publishing

Did your heart seize up in your chest a little when I said that? It should. Those horrors you've dreamed of all your life - the arms dragging you down into the ooze, the thing with fangs and too many legs waiting in the dark, the sleek, silent killer dropping on you from a clear sky - they're real. But don't fret, little brother. You'll never have to wake up in fear, ever again. The...   [click here for more]
24.Chronicles of Darkness

Chronicles of Darkness
by Onyx Path Publishing

Keep walking. Eyes straight ahead. Don’t look back. In the shadows and between the cracks of our everyday lives hide the Chronicles of Darkness. Here lurk creatures of ancient myth and urban legend. Here lie the graves of angels and the bunkers of secret government programs. Here every malformed horror you’ve ever seen out of the corner...   [click here for more]
25.Argan Argar Atlas

Argan Argar Atlas
by Chaosium

The Argan Argan Atlas is the perfect companion to the Guide to Glorantha with all of the regional maps of Glorantha collected in a single reference volume. The enchanted world of Glorantha is fully illuminated with over 120 full page color maps by Colin Driver and Jeff Richard based on Greg Stafford's original hand-drawings. For the first time ever, here is the complete atlas of...   [click here for more]
26.Classic Fantasy - TDM500

Classic Fantasy - TDM500
by Design Mechanism

Classic Fantasy brings Old School dungeon crawls to the Mythras rules. This 336 page book contains everything you need to emulate the fun of class and level-based adventuring, against the classic coterie of monsters, with the classic armoury of spells! If you've ever wanted to convert those old dungeon modules to a d100 system, then Classic Fantasy is for you. Packed with information and new rules...   [click here for more]
27.Metahuman Martial Arts 3e

Metahuman Martial Arts 3e
by Misfit Studios

Metahuman Martial Arts Returns for Mutants & Masterminds 3e with a Kick! Looking to add some fist-flying, kick-wheeling mayhem to your game? Bring martial arts out from the obscurity of using existing rules to “fake” a fighting style by transforming the combat arts into a more direct and specific aspect of the game, allowing martial arts to stand on its own two feet. Metahuman...   [click here for more]
28.Gonzo 2

Gonzo 2
by Little Red Goblin Games

The Weirdest Book In Pathfinder When titling this book, we had to find an appropriate phrase, and “gonzo” was the only one that gave us a perfect fit. This book looks at the Pathfinder system as being more malleable in terms of inspiration and tone; that is to say, designers and players can use this book to inject a heavy dose of other genres and aesthetics into what would normally...   [click here for more]
29.Delta Green: Agent's Handbook

Delta Green: Agent's Handbook
by Arc Dream Publishing

Silver Ennie Award winner for Best Supplement, 2016. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia,...   [click here for more]
30.Rifts® Ultimate Edition RPG

Rifts® Ultimate Edition RPG
by Palladium Books

Rifts® Role-Playing Game, Ultimate Edition 300 years in the future, our shattered Earth is recovering from the Great Cataclysm. An event that wiped out human civilization, brought about the return of magic, and has made Earth into something both familiar and alien. Humans transform and augment their bodies with bionics, robot exoskeletons, psionic-inducing brain implants, chemicals and...   [click here for more]
31.Hypercorps 2099

Hypercorps 2099
by Legendary Games

The simultaneous tachyon flux of 1876 and 2076 forever changed the world, introducing a myriad of new races to Earth from other dimensions before the strange portals closed with the coming of the 20th century. The 200 years since have been filled with the miraculous rise of alter sapiens, the demigrant struggle for equal rights, and the ascent of the planet’s true masters: hypercorporations....   [click here for more]
32.The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines

The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines
by Fantasy Flight Games

“Your conclusions are incorrect. You created me, created us, to do what you would not or could not do. That does not make us your slaves; it makes us your betters. You may have created us, but in so doing, you have made yourselves obsolete.” –Unit T3404 Suited men walk lethally through the crowd, honing in on a single mother. A swarm of almost imperceptible nanites fly...   [click here for more]
33.Bladestorm Rulesbook 2nd Edition

Bladestorm Rulesbook 2nd Edition
by Metal Express

25 years after the first edition was released by Iron Crown Enterprises, Bladestorm returns in a completely redesigned, corrected, colorized and expanded Second Edition. The fast paced rules enable quick battles between any kind of forces gamers wish to create. Regular troops, heroes, monsters, spell users, standard bearers, units, vehicles, musicians, leaders; if it's a miniature, it can be turned...   [click here for more]
34.Aaron Allston's Strike Force

Aaron Allston's Strike Force
by BlackWyrm Games

A superhero setting like no other. A role-playing game campaign book that includes techniques and lessons from over 22 years of play. A tribute to one of the greatest creators in the RPG industry, created using Champions 6th Edition. In 1988, Aaron Allston released Strike Force, a supplement detailing the first eight years of his superhero campaign. Noted for its extensive and highly-influential...   [click here for more]
35.Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide to Vathak

Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide to Vathak
by Fat Goblin Games

A Stricken World Shadows over Vathak blends the Otherworldly, Cosmic Horror themes of New England's Lovecraft, the Macabre Mysteries of Poe, and the sensibilities of Victorian, Gothic Horror Adventure into an original fantasy setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As players, your characters fight to survive in a land threatened with destruction by the rise of the...   [click here for more]
36.Unknown Armies Book One: Play

Unknown Armies Book One: Play
by Atlas Games

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. It's about getting what you want. Unknown Armies presents magick as it might exist in a world informed by crime fiction and secret histories, as twisting wrinkles in reality created by greater and greater risk, sacrifice, and obsession. As a player, you are confronted by the consequences of your character's...   [click here for more]
37.Unknown Armies Book Two: Run

Unknown Armies Book Two: Run
by Atlas Games

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. It's about keeping what you have from those who want it. Unknown Armies presents magick as it might exist in a world informed by crime fiction and secret histories, as twisting wrinkles in reality created by greater and greater risk, sacrifice, and obsession. As the gamemaster, you lead the players in creating...   [click here for more]
38.Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
by Onyx Path Publishing

These are the final days- The signs are clear: Even our pups know That this is the age of the Apocalypse!   Werewolf the Apocalypse roared into hobby games in 1992, inspiring a generation of fans to stand up and howl their defiance at a corrupted world in a battle they knew they were doomed to lose. WtA presented the Garou: creatures at once both man and wolf, and filled...   [click here for more]
39.The One Ring - Erebor - The Lonely Mountain

The One Ring - Erebor - The Lonely Mountain
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Erebor - the Lonely Mountain! Erebor the Lonely Mountain is a supplement for the award-winning The One Ring Roleplaying Game describing iconic Middle-earth location – The Lonely Mountain, object of Bilbo's quest and home to the dwarves of Wilderland. Offering a detailed description of new regions to explore, characters to meet and activities to undertake, Erebor also describes Dale,...   [click here for more]
40.Hero High, Revised Edition

Hero High, Revised Edition
by Green Ronin

High-school heroes! The Shadow Academy is on the loose downtown, but the prom is tonight and, worse yet, you’ve got a make-up test tomorrow! But then nobody said things were simple at Hero High! Teenaged superheroes have hard lives ... just ask them. After all, being a normal teenager is difficult enough: school, work, parents, friends, dating, and more without complicating matters...   [click here for more]
41.Hunter: Mortal Remains

Hunter: Mortal Remains
by Onyx Path Publishing

As the Prey Evolves... Everywhere you turn, a vampire eats some poor factory worker. Werewolves shred cars. Witches curse the innocent. Serial killers devastate communities. But what about the stranger aspects of the World of Darkness? Mortal Remains picks up where we left off with Night Stalkers, Spirit Slayers, Witch Finders,...   [click here for more]
42.V20 Rites of the Blood

V20 Rites of the Blood
by Onyx Path Publishing

In the deepest crimson depths of their being, raw power waits to be brought to the surface. Through their force of will, Kindred can drag this power kicking and screaming into the open to perform miraculous feats and twisted blasphemies. These rituals have been developed to direct and focus this new force, unconstrained by the structure of the known Disciplines. As such, only one word has been seen...   [click here for more]
43.Doors to Darkness

Doors to Darkness
by Chaosium

Doors To Darkness provides five scenarios written especially for beginning Keepers and players of Call of Cthulhu. Here you will find horror, mystery, investigation, ghastly monsters, strange magics, and forgotten secrets, as well as plenty of advice about how to run the adventures for best effect. As well as the scenarios, an essay by Kevin Ross details a wide range of hints and tips on running Call...   [click here for more]
44.Do Not Approach

Do Not Approach
by Tripod Machine

Tripod Machine presents eleven dastardly super-villains, Super-Powered by M&M! This book is dual-statted for Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul. In addition to writeups for each system, Do Not Approach comes with a number of adventure seeds to kickstart your imagination. These villains are extremely dangerous. Do not approach for any reason. The lineup includes:...   [click here for more]
45.Delta Green: Countdown

Delta Green: Countdown
by Pagan Publishing

No future. Get used to the taste of ashes. The Countdown to the apocalypse has begun. As our darkened globe spins through the eternal night, the lasting legacy of the human race is nothing but a scream - drowned out by the roar of the destiny devouring us all. This is your last chance to show the cosmos what it means to be human: the will to fight. Delta Green: Countdown blows the...   [click here for more]
46.Investigator Weapons, volume 1

Investigator Weapons, volume 1
by Sixtystone Press

Investigator Weapons for Call of Cthulhu in the Classic era is a comprehensive collection of weapons available to stalwart investigators of the Cthulhu Mythos and their crazed cultist opponents. Investigator Weapons covers handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, machine guns, flamethrowers, melee weapons, explosives, and special ammunition; and gathers together all...   [click here for more]
47.Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition

Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition
by Onyx Path Publishing

Note: This was previously published as Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle, now retitled with a new cover and an index. Updated and revised core rule book for Vampire: The Requiem. Tonight, you become one of the Kindred, the beautiful and the damned who hide behind our ordinary world. Driven by a hunger like fire, you will struggle to...   [click here for more]
48.World of Darkness: Slasher

World of Darkness: Slasher
by White Wolf

Blood Splatter There’s a different breed of killer out there. They aren’t driven by the need to drink blood or the pulse of the full moon. They kill because they have to, because murder is the only thing they know. Will you hunt the slashers — or join their ranks? A Chronicle Book for World of Darkness® and Hunter: The Vigil™ • A grim exploration...   [click here for more]
49.HeroQuest: Core Rules

HeroQuest: Core Rules
by Chaosium

Anything you can imagine, you can play... HeroQuest is the innovative, dynamic, and flexible rules engine by Robin Laws, suitable for play in any genre or setting. It present a simple and flexible system that allows Game Masters to make decisions the way authors and screenwriters do when creating novels, TV episodes and movies. HeroQuest encourages creative input from your players, resulting...   [click here for more]
50.Five Go Mad in Egypt

Five Go Mad in Egypt
by Chaosium

A survivor of the Great War, the Professor suffered a horrible shock a month ago — his father was killed, and he was injured and is slow to heal. He gathers a team to investigate the legendary Sphinx Tomb, seeking those with expertise in security or weapons, or interest in the occult or ancient religions. MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ASSOCIATION monographs are longer works by one or...   [click here for more]
51.The Laundry - Cultists Under the Bed - CB71206

The Laundry - Cultists Under the Bed - CB71206
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Our reality is ruled by monstrous gods, invisible horrors that hunger to consume us. Some deluded bastards worship these gods, trading obeisance for power or magic or the privilege of getting eaten last when the world ends. Cults are like cockroaches, breeding in the shadows, gnawing at the walls of society, fearful of the light… and bloody hard to kill. This supplement for the Laundry Files...   [click here for more]
52.Shores of Korantia

Shores of Korantia
by Design Mechanism

Explore a Whole New World of Intrigue and Adventure in Shores Of Korantia Korantia: a coastal region of the great continent of Taygus, home to dozens of city-states and scores of Goddesses and Gods - each with their own wants, needs, plans and schemes. The Enemies and Rivals: To the south are the Jekkarenes, the ancient enemy with cause to fear a Korantine revival; in the...   [click here for more]
53.Yggdrasill - Kings of the Sea

Yggdrasill - Kings of the Sea
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

I have been a helmsman and a forecastle-man and a leader of all the warriors. – Völsa þáttr stanza 12 In this supplement for Yggdrasill, our Norse heroes take to the sea in search of the coveted title ‘Saekonungar’ – King of the Sea! Pirate or trader, mercenary or master of your own ship, captain or pilot, the northern seas offer themselves...   [click here for more]
54.Yggdrasill - Uppsala

Yggdrasill - Uppsala
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

A year has passed since the events told of in Kings of the Sea. It is time for our heroes to leave the colony of Brenna and voyage to Uppsala, crown jewel of Svithjodh, home of Freyr, seat of King Egil, the Sorcerer-King. Uppsala, the mythical city, the commercial and political centre of Scandia. Here heroes are welcomed with open arms, their coming sung of by skalds and foretold by the fates....   [click here for more]
55.Portsmouth 1745 (Colonial Gothic)

Portsmouth 1745 (Colonial Gothic)
by Mystical Throne Entertainment

The year is 1745. The lure of open land, religious freedom, and riches to be made has drawn you away from your home in England to the New World. Unbeknownst to those who usher you across the Atlantic, your desires are more than what the authorities may find appropriate.   You like to delve into the world of the unknown. Your curiosity has led you to an underground world that...   [click here for more]
56.Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors
by Dead Gentlemen Productions, LLC

Vampires infesting the mayoral office. Lycanthropes prowling the suburbs. Another kraken making its way upstate along the river. Crazed cultists masquerading as door-to-door religious nuts. Every one of them edging the world one more step toward the next demonic apocalypse. In your line of work, that’s called Tuesday. You are an agent of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, hand-picked to...   [click here for more]
57.The One Ring - Journeys and Maps

The One Ring - Journeys and Maps
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Journeys and Maps is a must-have accessory for The One Ring. Journeys and Maps in PDF is a 32-page supplement, with rules for water travel by sea and river, an index to all locations covered in The One Ring Roleplaying Game supplements to date, a system for detailing ruins found along the road, a useful collection of terrain-specific hazards, and a section detailing natural...   [click here for more]
58.Quantum Collapse

Quantum Collapse
by D3 Adventures

What if there were parallel universes endlessly stacked upon each other like pages in a book? What if there were millions of versions of you, spread out through the multiverse? What if someone figured out how to make you more powerful... by eliminating those parallel “yous”? Welcome to QUANTUM COLLAPSE, a new table-top roleplaying setting built on the Mutants...   [click here for more]
59.Breakfast Cult

Breakfast Cult
by Liberi Gothica Games

From the author of Inverse World Accelerated and Retrocausality! In the Weird Age of the late 21st century, the newly-discovered occult sciences are changing the world. If you want to learn them, Occultar Academy is the place to go. In this secluded island school, talented students from all over the world can learn sorcery and occultech under the Foundation's watchful eye. But they won't...   [click here for more]

by Design Mechanism

Mythras Core rules Mythras is the new name for an older game, but while the name might have changed, the system remains the same, but presented in an updated format with new interior artwork and layout design, along with some new content (Special Effects, small tweaks to the rules, and Spirit Combat Effects). In fact, we've managed to pack more into a smaller space, and reduced the price accordingly....   [click here for more]
61.Mythic Britain: Logres

Mythic Britain: Logres
by Design Mechanism

Mythic Britain: Logres is Paul Mitchener's superb book detailing the Saxon culture of Britain and contains everything you need to know about these stalwart invaders of the island. Logres details their culture, beliefs, kings and chieftains, politics and superstitions, and presents a mini-campaign set against Cerdic's arrival on the south coast, where he must deal with both belligerent...   [click here for more]
62.Dark Ages: Inquisitor Companion

Dark Ages: Inquisitor Companion
by White Wolf

Heaven's Fury No matter how many demons we slay, more rise to take their place. No matter how many of their servants we put to the torch, Satan corrupts more. Yet we shall not fall into despair, for God is on our side, and faith can - and shall - move mountains. Let the fiends be the ones to cower, for we are coming, and nothing shall stay our righteous hand. Amen. Smite...   [click here for more]
63.Secrets of San Francisco

Secrets of San Francisco
by Chaosium

A 1920s Sourcebook for the City by the Bay In all of North America there is no more perfect intersection of climate, culture, and colorful history than San Francisco — the culmination of Manifest Destiny, the Golden Gate to the Pacific Ocean, and the treasure house of the wealth of the great California Gold Rush. Purged of her wild, anarchic past by a devastating earthquake and fire at the beginning...   [click here for more]
64.World of Darkness: Inferno

World of Darkness: Inferno
by White Wolf

The Legions of Hell It starts with the buzzing of flies. The smell of rotting meat. Then the whispers begin. They’re out there, waiting for a moment of weakness so they can slip through, hungry for the vices that feed them. You can even let them in — though be careful of the cost. A Character Book for World of Darkness® • A resource for portraying demons in...   [click here for more]
65.Secrets of Los Angeles

Secrets of Los Angeles
by Chaosium

LOS ANGELES IN THE 1920s was a fast-growing, fast-moving city that encompassed all that was great and all that was rotten in America. Racial, ethnic, and religious melting pots presaged what the whole country would become by the end of the century. L.A. nonetheless clung to a veneer of White Protestantism more in line with farm-belt states in the Midwest. The newly-rich built pleasure palaces...   [click here for more]
66.Ramblings of a Twisted Muse

Ramblings of a Twisted Muse
by Chaosium

Time Runs Short! Unspeakable terror lies just on the edge of our collective consciousness. Creatures that were old when man first walked the earth dwell in a universe that holds terrible secrets. We are far below the top of the food chain! To elder beings such as these, our existence is but a mere annoyance. Some are merely content to bide their time until we eventually exterminate ourselves. Others...   [click here for more]
67.Operation Ulysses

Operation Ulysses
by Chaosium

In this far-future adventure for Basic Roleplaying, the characters have been contacted by the mega-corporation ISIS corp. (Interstellar Industrial Supply), the largest litherium mining and manufacturing company in the Hadrion Galaxy, to investigate the recent disappearance of the Ulysses, one of their Titan-class starfreighters. The Ulysses was hauling a huge consignment of litherium...   [click here for more]
68.[ICONS]The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition

[ICONS]The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition
by Fainting Goat Games

IT'S BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER! The Deluxe Edition of the Super Villain Handbook gives you: 44 villainous archetypes, from the deadly Assassin to the Villain With All Your Powers. 48 fully developed antagonists, each with history, personality, and story hooks. The Heroes of the YOUniverse, 8 champions of justice you can use as PCs or NPCs. Support for 9 different forms of super villain gaming,...   [click here for more]
69.Unknown Armies Book Three: Reveal

Unknown Armies Book Three: Reveal
by Atlas Games

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. It's about what's behind every corner and buried in every closet. Unknown Armies presents magick as it might exist in a world informed by crime fiction and secret histories, as twisting wrinkles in reality created by greater and greater risk, sacrifice, and obsession. It plays out in a world just like our own,...   [click here for more]
70.Chicago Chronicles Volume 1 (WW2234)

Chicago Chronicles Volume 1 (WW2234)
by White Wolf

Revisit the Windy City.... Joureny to Chicago, bustling metropolis by day and vampire domain by night. Now you can return to the city that started it all, whether as a new vampire struggling for survival on the mean streets, or an ancient elder playing the centuries-old games of power in the Elysiums. By Night Chicao Chronicles Volume 1 is a compilation...   [click here for more]
71.The Phantom of Wilson Creek

The Phantom of Wilson Creek
by Chaosium

Call of Cthulhu Scenarios from the Mountains of North Carolina Something haunts the area of Wilson Creek, North Carolina. There is an evil that seems to inhabit the old Campbell House that lies south of the tiny, struggling, logging village of Mortimer, whose bad times still lie before it. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is an area rich in culture and history, though short...   [click here for more]
72.Shadowrun: False Flag (Denver Adventure 2)

Shadowrun: False Flag (Denver Adventure 2)
by Catalyst Game Labs

The Angry Gaze The ruling powers of Sixth World sprawls are content to let the little people of their cities engage in all sorts of shenanigans and scheming so long as it doesn’t affect their master plans. But when the chaos gets too out of hand—or the little people start acting too arrogant—then those powers turn their angry gaze to the people they would rather ignore, and the everyday...   [click here for more]
73.Cities of Darkness Volume 2

Cities of Darkness Volume 2
by White Wolf

Cities of Darkness Volume 2 combines the early and hard-to-find Vampire supplements Berlin by Night and Los Angeles by Night. A world apart, these cities are united in their fight for freedom, Berlin from under mortal domination, and L.A. from under vampire rule. It's a free-for-all and only the most powerful undead will reign - or even survive. ...   [click here for more]

by Fantasy Games Unlimited

The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the earth or the sunrise of a brave new world? You can decide as you boldly stride the rubble-strewn streets of the AFTERMATH! THE GAME is for 2 to 6 players and a referee in search of a different kind of adventure. It is a role-playing excursion into a post-holocaust world. THE...   [click here for more]
75.Utatti Asfet

Utatti Asfet
by Chaosium

A 1990s Campaign for Call of Cthulhu The Graham Westlake Foundation sponsors the International Symposium on Unexplained Phenomena. This year, the fortieth annual symposium takes place in the Pacific island nation of Tonga. The investigators are among the attendees. There, they encounter evidence of phenomena they know only too well. They begin an investigation that leads them...   [click here for more]
76.World of Darkness: Second Sight

World of Darkness: Second Sight
by White Wolf

“Ordinary people don’t know it, but the world is shrouded in lies. Immerse yourself in them, and you discover that there are lies within lies. There are things in our world, monsters hiding among us, lurking in the shadows, preying upon us. But there also beings who are us and who are not us, people born or “blessed” to move objects with their minds, to read our innermost...   [click here for more]
77.World of Darkness: Reliquary

World of Darkness: Reliquary
by White Wolf

Is the Power worth the price? There are things in the world that no laws account for – things that bestow blessings no man remembers or curses for slights long past. But the things, they do not forget. They wait for the right hand to fall upon them, the right eyes to see their glory, the right heart to recognize their power. A gameplay expansion book for the World...   [click here for more]
78.Heroes Unlimited Revised - 1st Edition Rules

Heroes Unlimited Revised - 1st Edition Rules
by Palladium Books

This book uses the first edition revised rules. Create every type of superhero imaginable: Cyborgs, robots, aliens, mutants (humans and animal), men of magic, super-sleuths, martial artists, weapon masters, psychics, and even crazy heroes!Super-Science includes bionics, robotics, trick weapons, super-vehicles, super-thieves, hardware specialist, gimmick makers and superspies.70 super-power...   [click here for more]
79.Aliens Unlimted Revised

Aliens Unlimted Revised
by Palladium Books

Includes Rifts converison Notes. Adaptable to Rifts, Mecanoids and Rifts Dimension Books. Over 100 specific alien races and monsters!Random alien creation tables and rules.New super powers, bionic and skills.High-teck weapon and equipment.Spaceships and creation rules.U.F.O. watch groups.Secret Organizations and spies.Rifts conversion notes. Adaptable to Rifts, Mechanoids, Rifts Dimension Book Two:...   [click here for more]
80.The Primal State

The Primal State
by Chaosium

A Campaign for Classic-Era Call of Cthulhu, Ideally set in Vermont, 1925-1930 To the Southern New-Englander entering Vermont for the first time there is sense of mystic revivification. On the towns of the lower coast the blight of mutation and modernity has descended. Weird metamorphoses and excrescences, architectural and topographical, mark a menacing tyranny of mechanism and vice-royalty...   [click here for more]
81.World of Darkness: Mirrors

World of Darkness: Mirrors
by White Wolf

What would I be, if God wanted me to be something different? I would be whatever God saw fit to make me. I would be a crow picking at the bones of the dead. I would be a worm nestled in the heart of my enemies. I would be a faceless angel. I would be a rabid wolf. I would be a broken mirror. But make no mistake, my children. Whatever God sees fit for me, one thing will never change. I will...   [click here for more]
82.Dead Leaves Fall

Dead Leaves Fall
by Chaosium

Nine Tales of Halloween Horror For children, Halloween brings to mind candy and costumes, wearing a mask and saying the magic words “trick or treat. For some adults Halloween is a time of physical and spiritual transition. The earth is shedding its skin like dead leaves falling, and men reflect in fear on the past gone by. It is a time when the connection between our meaningless existence and...   [click here for more]
83.Aces High New Mexico

Aces High New Mexico
by Chaosium

Welcome to New Mexico 1875! Land of Enchantment Aces High: New Mexico, Dark Days in the Land of Enchantment, is a companion book for Chaosium‘s Aces High BRP supplement. Aces High: New Mexico is split into two sections; the first section is concerned with historical, geographical and societal issues that will allow the Master to explore...   [click here for more]
84.Rifts® World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms™, New Revised Edition

Rifts® World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms™, New Revised Edition
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms™, New Revised Edition For centuries, Mexico has been considered the realm of monsters best left alone. A land dominated by packs of Wild Vampires and rumored to be the home of Vampire Kingdoms in the south. Most of the northern civilizations have stayed away, but over the last 20 years, a growing number of heroes, vampire slayers and adventurers...   [click here for more]
85.Rifts® World Book Five: Triax™ & The NGR™

Rifts® World Book Five: Triax™ & The NGR™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book Five: Triax™ and the NGR™ The New German Republic (NGR) is surrounded and besieged by the hostile Gargoyle Empire – an empire of giant monsters. Only the superior robotics and weapons technology of Triax keeps the monsters at bay, but for how long? This epic World Book presents the Triax robots, power armor, cyborgs, and world setting that is Rifts Germany...   [click here for more]
86.Rifts® World Book Seven: Underseas

Rifts® World Book Seven: Underseas
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book Seven: Underseas™ Rifts® Underseas is a fabulous world as unique and expansive as any Rifts® Dimension Book™! Gamers may be surprised at the scope of characters, abilities and adventures available to them, both undersea and on dry land. Also good for campaigns set in the Great Lakes, along the Mississippi River and in the Gulf of Mexico,...   [click here for more]
87.Rifts® World Book Eight: Rifts® Japan™

Rifts® World Book Eight: Rifts® Japan™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book Eight: Rifts® Japan™ This fan-favorite sourcebook is filled with high-tech wonders, magic and monsters. There are 20 O.C.C.s (Occupational Character Classes) that range from the traditional ninja and samurai to power armor, giant robots and cyborgs. 20 O.C.C.s including the Mystic Ninja, Ninja Cyborg, Ninja Juicer, Cyber-Samurai, Ninja Techno-Wizard, Japanese...   [click here for more]
88.Rifts® World Book Nine: South America 2

Rifts® World Book Nine: South America 2
by Palladium Books

Rifts® South America 2 Rifts® South America is a hotbed of intrigue and conflict. There are the mysteries of the Nazca Lines (a magic, alien defense system), the return of ancient gods, alien invaders, mutants, Inca undead, trans-dimensional raiders, and more. Over 30 new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s, including the Inca Sun-Priest, Mutant Capybara, Neo-Human and Larhold Barbarian. The...   [click here for more]
89.Rifts® World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign™

Rifts® World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign™ The year is 105 P.A. and Emperor Prosek has unveiled the Coalition’s new Campaign of Unity, a plan to expand the CS and sweep aside demons, aliens and users of magic. The Siege on Tolkeen begins and the secessionist State of Free Quebec must be punished and brought back into the fold. Coalition War Campaign™ is...   [click here for more]
90.Rifts® World Book 14: New West™

Rifts® World Book 14: New West™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book 14: New West™ At last, the Western Wilderness. Called the New West, it is a no man’s land filled with bandits, Simvan Monster Riders, dinosaurs, demons, intrigue and danger. 17 new O.C.C.s, including the Cowboy, Gunslinger, Psi-Slinger, Wired Gunslinger, Bounty Hunter, and Justice Ranger. 9 R.C.C.s and 25 monsters of the New West. Rodeos...   [click here for more]
91.Rifts® World Book 15: Spirit West™

Rifts® World Book 15: Spirit West™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® World Book 15: Spirit West™ A companion to Rifts® Lone Star™ and New West™ The New West as seen through the eyes of Native Americans as they rise to build new nations. Over a dozen O.C.C.s, including the Animal Shaman, Mask Shaman, Paradox Shaman, Elemental Shaman, Tribal Warrior, Mystic Warrior, Spirit Warrior and others. Minor, Great,...   [click here for more]
92.Rifts® World Book 17: Warlords of Russia™

Rifts® World Book 17: Warlords of Russia™
by Palladium Books

Rifts® Warlords of Russia™ Russia and the Slavic countries are said to be monster-ridden hell-holes. Perhaps, but the indomitable human spirit has risen from the chaos to challenge their claims to human lands. The Warlords might be described as part barbarian, part animal and part machine, for it is through the technological sorcery of bionics that the Warlords and their cyborg...   [click here for more]
93.Rifts® World Book 19: Australia

Rifts® World Book 19: Australia
by Palladium Books

Rifts® Australia Isolated from the rest of the world, the Land Down Under is a unique and wild land of survival, adventure, monsters and magic. Written by native Australian Ben Lucas (with additional material by Siembieda). One of the most requested Rifts® World Books is finally a reality! Melbourne & Perth, two high-tech powers who may become the Coalition States...   [click here for more]
94.Rifts® World Book 20: Canada

Rifts® World Book 20: Canada
by Palladium Books

World Book 20: Rifts® Canada™ A comprehensive overview of Canada, including notable places, cities, towns, people, O.C.C.s, monsters and conflicts. While much of Canada has reverted to wilderness, there are pockets of civilization and technology, though not all of them human. The Inuit Shaman O.C.C. and abilities. 12 Monsters of the North, including the Sasquatch and...   [click here for more]
95.Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG - Core

Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG - Core
by Infinite Roleplay

Have you ever wanted to play halfling gunslinger or a yeti wizard? Or is a giant sword wielding cat more your style? Awe shux, maybe you're the kinda person that'll love playing a dwarven were-bear wrestler who suplexes giants to warm up before the real fight!? Whatever it is, the Saturday Morning Tabletop RPG has it. From the totally insane high fantasy combat to the kinda game that has you uttering...   [click here for more]
96.ICONS: Rise of the Phalanx

ICONS: Rise of the Phalanx
by Ad Infinitum Adventures

Phalanx...To The Fore! Rise of the Phalanx is an epic adventure series for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, taking a group of novice heroes and making them heirs t a noble—and tragic—heroic legacy. It features five adventures suitable for hours of game-play, including: Flight of the Nova-1: When supervillains hijack an experimental space shuttle,...   [click here for more]
97.Gratuitous Anime Gimmick

Gratuitous Anime Gimmick
by Matthew V Morgan

Magic. Aliens. Catgirls. Giant robots. Powering up, yelling, and then shooting a laser beam out of your hands. Gratuitous Anime Gimmick delivers exactly what it implies: gratuitous anime gimmicks. Crunchy where it needs to be, rules light where it doesn't. Sturdy but flexible. Packed full of cliches, tropes, and stereotypes. Don't take if nursing or pregnant. And it only uses d10s. Ridiculous. GAG...   [click here for more]
98.World of Darkness: Time of Judgment

World of Darkness: Time of Judgment
by White Wolf

Time of Judgement is the final book for the World of Darkness as you know it, and helps you resolve the stories of five different games: Demon, Hunter, Changeling, Mummy and Kindred of the East. This is the mother of all finales, offering you various scenarios and Storytelling ideas for ending or saving your game world. Are we all doomed, or is there hope for a new beginning? ...   [click here for more]
99.Magic: A Manual Of Mystic Secrets

Magic: A Manual Of Mystic Secrets

MAGIC: A MANUAL OF MYSTIC SECRETS "... Before you run off after that Horror you ought to summon a fire spirit and trap it in your sword. That'll give ol' pus-face something to think about ..." "Of course it can be done. Enchanting your own magic item takes almost as much time and effort as rescuing one from an old kaer and finding out what makes it hum, but...   [click here for more]
100.Ripples From Carcosa

Ripples From Carcosa
by Chaosium

Confronting Hastur Across Time and Space Artists, poets, dreamers and madmen feel the hand of the Great Old Ones most keenly. The line between creative genius and abject madness is thin. We all have admired at least one favorite writer or musician who spiraled into insanity before taking his or her own life. Hastur dwells in that gray area between madness and genius. The King In Yellow, a play about...   [click here for more]
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